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Note to Parents: The service provider for The PowerSchool Parent Portal has made districts aware that automatic emails are not consistently sent through the system. The vendor has been working with the Macomb Intermediate School District to address the issue. Parents are encouraged to log in to the system to view the most up to date information regarding their child's attendance and grades.

Parents and guardians of students at all K-12 schools are now be able to view student progress through the PowerSchool Parent Portal.

PowerSchool, the school district's student information system, is used to schedule, take attendance, store grades, and produce transcripts, report cards, progress reports, and more.

Parent and student access will be through a unique login and password and distributed at parent/teacher conferences or by visiting your student's school. This information will not be given over the phone or by email to maintain confidentiality. Please guard your login/password information carefully, and remember to log off after viewing your student's information.

The documents in the download panel on the right will give you the information you need to navigate through the PowerSchool Parent Portal.

The Parent Portal can set-up a single account to access their child's information. More details can be found in the Parent Portal Account Set-up Quick Reference document under the Downloads section of this page.

PowerSchool: Low Balance Email Alerts

Lunch balances can now be viewed in the PowerSchool web portal!. This information can be found by clicking on the ‘Balance’ link on the left hand side of the portal webpage. (Note balances are updated daily. Real-time balance information is available at ).

Food Balance

The PowerSchool parent portal can also be configured to send an email alert when the lunch balance falls below $10. To set-up the email alert , click on the ‘Email Notification’ link and select the Balance Alert option as well as how often you wish to receive the alerts.

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or access to the UCS ParentPortal click the link below:


For access to the UAIS ParentPortal click the link below:


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