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Specialty Programs

Click this link for the 2022 UCS Specialty Program application.

To Download a print copy of the application, please click here. Note - all applications must be submitted online. 

The secondary programs include the Utica Academy for International Studies, the Utica Center for Mathematics, Science and Technology, the Utica Center for Science and Industry and the Stevenson MADE Academy.  The specialty programs are unique offerings designed to supplement the district’s comprehensive high schools.  The programs are among a portfolio of choices to meet the individual needs, talents and interests of our students.

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Gene L. Klida Utica Academy for International Studies
UAIS LogoThe mission of UAIS is to engage our students and to cultivate their abilities through individualized attention and the support of our community of educators, learners, and parents.

This collaborative environment and the rigorous, comprehensive, and internationally-minded curriculum challenge the learner to grow personally and academically.

As our students develop into enlightened, globally-aware citizens, the skills and understanding that they acquire at UAIS will help them lead today and improve tomorrow.

For more information, please see the UAIS website

Utica Center for Mathematics, Science and Technology

MST LogoThe Utica Center for Mathematics, Science and Technology (UCMST) is designed for students who have an interest in mathematics, science, computer science and curriculum integrated technology.

All students have one half day of course work at their home high schools including English, social studies and electives. Students are transported to the center for their mathematics, science and technology instruction.

The UCMST is an active member of the National Consortium for Specialized Secondary Schools of Mathematics, Science and Technology.

The UCMST Junior Internship Program has been recognized by the Michigan Department of Education. Each junior is given a career experience in a selected professional setting.  Each student develops a formal presentation of his or her experience in the fall of the senior year.

To visit the program Web site, please visit this link. 

Utica Center for Science and Industry

CSI The Utica Center for Science and Industry (UCSI) is a marriage of rigorous academic content and relevant, real-world applications of this knowledge through projects. The UCSI students have access to work-based learning opportunities, including job shadowing, mentoring and work-site internships.  

 All ninth graders take CSI Design Principles, which focuses on art foundations, technical illustration (CAD) and the Design Thinking Process.   They also take two core classes, English and geometry, both taught in a constructivist, student-as-discoverer format. 

Tenth graders choose one of the three Career and Technical Education pathways: Multimedia Production, Mechatronics (Advanced Robotics Systems) or Engineering Technology, and enroll in that pathway’s related elective course. Students also take English 10 and the appropriate math placement in either Algebra I or Algebra II.

For more information, please visit the Web site at this Link. 

Stevenson Manufacturing, Automation, and Design Engineering (MADE) Academy
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Stevenson MADE blends rigorous academic content with relevant, real world applications by making use of strong business relationships and post-secondary partners in the field of Advanced Manufacturing.  All course work has project based learning with design thinking and problem solving at the core. The program is open to Davis, Heritage, and Jeannette junior high school students scheduled to attend Stevenson High School.  

All MADE ninth graders will take a full year design thinking course focused on developing their understanding of the design thinking process. As tenth graders, students will be immersed in a 10-12 week exploratory unit for each of the three academy pathways: Fabrication (Welding/Machining), Automation, and Design Engineering.  As juniors, students will choose a major (Fabrication, Automation, or Design Engineering) and begin focusing on challenges proposed by industry partners to develop their pathway skills.  Senior MADE students will complete a senior capstone with multiple internship/externship opportunities. All math, social studies, English, and science course standards taught in the MADE Academy will be intertwined with connections relevant to each academy pathway.

The program is open to Heritage, Jeannette, and Davis Junior High School students scheduled to attend Stevenson High School. If additional seats are available, applications from other schools will be considered (internal transfer approval will be required for non-Stevenson feeder school students).  

Link to Student Shadowing Form