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UCS Secondary Scheduling Information for the 22-23 School Year 

Current Grade 6 - 11 Students:


Current Grade
9 - 11 Students 
 Current Grade
8 Students

Scheduling Overview 
for students entering
Grades 10 - 12

Additional Overview Video 

        Scheduling Overview for students entering
         Grade 9     

 Course Selection Guide (Click Here) Grade 9 Course Plan Document (Click Here)
 Graduation Requirement Worksheet  
 Current Grade
7 Students 
 Current Grade
6 Students 

Scheduling Overview for students entering
    Grade 8

Scheduling Overview for students entering
      Grade 7
 Grade 8 Course Plan Document (Click Here)  Grade 7 Course Plan Document (Click Here)

Curriculum Guides

In Utica Community Schools, we are committed to preparing our students for continued success after high school graduation by providing a comprehensive and rigorous high school curriculum within a supportive educational climate. Simply put, the mission of the Utica Community School is that Every Child Achieves.

The departments listed on the right represent the total curriculum of the school district. They are ordered into six Career Pathways from which students select their course work during their high school careers. Please note that some courses are designated as meeting the state's mandatory high school graduation requirements, part of the Michigan Merit Curriculum, and district graduation requirements.

If any class has insufficient enrollment, it will not be scheduled. Students that are interested in participating in an online course under section 21f should see the course offerings from Michigan Virtual High School at For more information about course offerings, click on any of the departments listed on the right, or contact your student's guidance counselor.



       Advanced Placement (AP) Course Content 

Junior High Curriculum Guides

Senior High Curriculum Guides