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Social Media Posting Guidelines

Utica Community Schools allows for posting and interaction with UCS social media content. Any postings must stay within the following guidelines:

-Postings must use correct grammar and language that is not offensive to the general public. The district reserves the right to remove any posting that is not in keeping with the goals of this page.
-Specific postings cannot be made that promote a political agenda.
-Postings will be removed if the comments negatively reflect district personnel or private concerns that should be addressed working with district or school officials.
-Postings should be limited to items of interest in the school community. Any posting that promotes business interest or issues that are not relevant to the school community will be removed.

How to download the UCS App and stay connected on the go

Visit the app store and search for “Utica Community Schools.”UCS App image

Install the app.

Click “Start setup.”

Click on the school or schools you would like to follow. You may follow one or more schools.

Selections can be changed at anytime by clicking the wrench and hammer icon in the lower right corner of the home screen.

Click on a white arrow in the header.

Click “Start my app.”

You are now ready to receive notifications from your selected school(s) and access information from UCS on your mobile device.

The app is available for free download at iTunes and Google Play Store. 


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