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About Us

Utica Community Schools, Michigan’s second largest school district, is recognized nationally for academic excellence.

Student achievement levels in the district continue to outpace local, state and nationally levels, and the district’s graduation rate of 95.53 percent is 13 points higher than Michigan averages.

The district prepares students for success in a global economy through a focus of four key strategies: providing academic excellence, preparing positives digital citizens, promoting student innovation and ensuring accountability.

Providing Academic Excellence

Academic excellence doesn't happen by accident - it takes hard work and everyone working together.

  • UCS students outpace their county, state and national peers in career and college readiness.
  • The UCS graduation rate is 95.53 percent - 13 points higher than the state average.
  • The average daily attendance rate of approximately 95 percent demonstrates UCS students are ready and committed to their learning.
  • UCS offers nationally-recognized Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate programs.
  • UCS graduates receive a Seal of Global Language for demonstrating proficiency in two or more languages.

Promoting Student Innovation

  • UCS is giving students a competitive edge for future jobs through:
  • Teaching coding at all grade levels
  • Offering 3D printing
  • Virtual Reality technology
  • UCS partners with businesses and industries to offer real-world experiences.
  • Comprehensive Career and Technology Programs
  • UCS specialty programs: Utica Center for Science and Industry, Utica Center for Mathematics, Science and Technology and Utica Academy for International Studies
  • Personalized blended learning in all K-2 classes
  • Advanced junior high classes
    • Exploratory Design and Engineering
    • Digital Literacy and Design Media Course
    • Engineering I and II

Preparing Positive Digital Citizens

  • UCS is a national leader in educational technology by providing digital tools that increase student achievement

Ensuring Accountability

  • UCS has one of the lowest total millage rate of any school district in Macomb County.
  • UCS has attained the highest level of assurance independent auditors can provide over the past 14 consecutive years.
  • UCS is recognized for its commitment to comprehensive annual financial reporting.
  • UCS summer bond issue projects focus on infrastructure, safe and secure schools and student learning