Reaching Higher

Reaching HigherUCS Vision

All children have the right to a rigorous, high-quality education which meets their individual needs. UCS will respect, encourage and empower each and every student to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to be successful, contributing members of a diverse community and global society.

UCS Mission

We are committed to exemplary teaching and learning in order for our students to be prepared for success in the 21st Century.
We will achieve this commitment by engaging the entire community to focus on each child's achievement, with the expectation that every student will pursue some type of post-high school educational endeavor.

Providing Academic Excellence

Academic excellence doesn't happen by accident - it takes hard work and everyone working together.

  • UCS students consistently score higher on tests than their state and national peers.
  • The UCS graduation rate is 90 percent - 12 points higher than the state average.
  • Nearly 2,000 UCS students in grades 9-12 participated in Advanced Placement courses in 2015. Sixty-three percent of UCS students taking an AP exam earned a college-ready score of 3 or higher on the exam, surpassing the national average by nearly 20 points.

Promoting Student Innovation

At Utica Community Schools, we understand the importance of supporting students' unique interests and learning styles.

From elementary school to senior year, UCS students have access to a wide range of classes, programs and extracurricular activities designed to promote innovation.

Preparing Positive Digital Citizens

Utica Community Schools is recognized as a national leader in the innovative use of educational technology by providing digital tools and content that increases student achievement.

UCS created a home-school partnership that fosters development of digital citizenship skills, empowering students to be effective technology users while promoting safety and responsibility.

Ensuring Accountability

  • UCS has the lowest total millage rate of any school district in Macomb County.
  • UCS has attained the highest level of assurance independent auditors can provide over the past 12 consecutive years.
  • UCS is recognized for its commitment to comprehensive annual financial reporting.
  • UCS has an "آA+" credit rating from Standard and Poor's.