SAT Resources
All Michigan high school juniors take the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) as part of the required state assessments. ACT is no longer required. 

The handouts at the right are from previous parent presentation and are provided as an overview. Below are links to sites with more information about the SAT.

The Official SAT Question of the Day App

SAT Questions of the DayWith the free Official SAT Question of the Day app, you can get ready for the SAT whenever and wherever you want. 

Download the app on your iOS or Android device to: 

-Access the last 30 days’ worth of official SAT questions
-Take advantage of hints and answer explanations to help improve your performance 
-Filter questions to focus on specific subject areas 
-Track your progress, and see how it compares to others 
-Access questions in off-line mode 

Keep up to date on upcoming SAT dates and registration deadlines 

Remember: A little practice goes a long way. Download the app, and start practicing today! 

Download from iTunes
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